Studying abroad means a lot more than just earning a degree. It’s a whole different experience that can offer you incredible prospects, both socially and professionally. Not only does it give you a chance to explore a different culture, but it also brings global recognition to your degree. The exposure that you receive is sure to widen your viewpoint and give you a head start in becoming independent and self-reliant. Still wondering what the hype of studying abroad is all about? Does it give you an edge over studying in India? To put things into perspective, here are 10 solid reasons to consider studying internationally…

Top quality education

Why the quality matters!

Regardless of where you pursue your higher education, the ultimate goal is to get the finest education possible. With some of the world’s highest-ranking universities and top colleges, countries like the US, UK, and Australia become ideal choices in your pursuit of a good education. The US is deemed to have the best higher education system, while the UK is an academic hotspot with some of the oldest and reputed colleges like the University of Oxford and Cambridge. Some other popular ones are the London School of Economics, London College of Fashion, and Imperial College. When all’s said and done, what really matters is what you take home from your education. Good quality education not only offers immense knowledge and skillsets, but it also brings with it the ability to ask important questions, improve standards of living, be economically productive and most importantly, be a better human being.

A chance to settle Abroad

A chance to settle Abroad

Opting to study abroad is your gateway to permanent residence in the country of your choice. Mostly, this is a chance to get away from the annoying uncles and aunties in your family! Sounds like the experience of a lifetime, right? Jokes apart though, there are better opportunities, improved standards of living, and better pay compared to India for jobs of similar stature. In this regard, several countries like the US, UK, Australia, Germany, and New Zealand have adopted measures to provide a hassle-free application process for foreign students. Canada, providing PR in 2 years, is one of the most immigrant-friendly countries with relaxed visa and immigration rules, and flexible work permits for international students. In Germany, you can apply for a PR visa in 21-33 months of studying at a public university. With PR comes a lot of benefits, like healthcare, social benefits, the freedom to start a new business, and a lot more!

Better Career Opportunities

The truth about jobs in India!

The truth about employment in India is quite bitter. Jobs are being created at a ridiculously slow pace despite the abundance of youth.There are high competition and lesser job opportunities. This doesn’t seem to be the only problem. Indian colleges have failed to produce graduates with good skillsets, and the skills gap is expected to widen by 2030. The current unemployment rate is at a record high, with 63% of the youth between 21-24 unemployed. New Zealand, UK, Germany, Canada and Australia are among the top 20 in the list of countries by employment rate, India being at number 52 with less than 50% employment. Besides this, there are added advantages to employability with an international degree in hand. You are upholding several values that are sought by employers worldwide by default. The multinational exposure that you’ve received from interacting with people of various backgrounds and culture will help you understand the world better and broaden your skills to think more open-mindedly and critically. So this is great for your resume as well! Besides, if you are seeking for a job in a foreign country, you’ll see that having a local education makes the job- hunting process is a lot easier in that country. We’re proud to say that 99% of students who have studied abroad through The Success Clinic has located incredible jobs in the host country…

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